Monday, April 18, 2011

The Gold Rush: 1847-1849 by Frank W. Lewis - Book Review

Frank W. Lewis, knows how to tell a very entertaining story.  The Gold Rush: 1847-1849 is the seventh in this western historical fiction series tracking the adventures of frontiersman and entrepreneur, Caleb Landers, and his eclectic band of frontier associates.

In The Gold Rush: 1847 - 1849, Caleb Landers, now a successful entrepreneur whose various enterprises are based out of Texas, accidentally gets in on the ground floor of the California Gold Rush in 1847.  The Gold Rush: 1847-1849 gives an interesting picture of what it was like in the California gold fields when the first discoveries of gold were being made.  He also gives us a very graphic picture of what San Francisco was like in the earliest days of the gold rush.  In 1847, San Francisco, with would-be miners arriving daily, was an amazingly dangerous place filled with a growing assortment of gamblers, prostitutes and killers.  Add to this mix a total lack of government and law enforcement and you have a pretty good idea of how The Gold Rush: 1847-1849 begins.

It is important to note that Frank W. Lewis is actually a successful gold miner in real life.  In The Gold Rush: 1847-1849, Lewis shares his knowledge as to how claims were staked as well as the various methods used by the miners for locating gold during the early days of the California Gold Rush. This book is just about as close as you can get to participating in the California Gold Rush yourself.

Note: Frank W. Lewis paints an extremely vivid picture.  Readers are warned that if this were a movie, some of the language would earn it an "R" rating and some of the sexual conduct described between various characters would give it an even stronger rating.

The Gold Rush: 1847-1849 was published by Western Tales Publishing and is available from For more about author Frank W. Lewis see his website at: .

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