Sunday, June 02, 2013

Houston's River Oaks by Ann Dunphy Becker with George Murray

If you have lived in Houston, Texas for any length of time, you will have heard people say things like, “You know he lives in River Oaks.” or “She grew up in River Oaks.” And everyone in Houston knows exactly what community you are referring to and about the rich and powerful people who live there.

In her follow-up book to her very successful Houston: 1860-1900, Ann Dunphy Becker has set her sights on giving the reader a rare and unique glimpse inside Houston’s most prestigious neighborhood. Houston’s River Oaks covers the period from the founding of River Oaks in 1923 until 1970.

This is a great book for anyone who ever wanted to peek inside the private lives of the residents of River Oaks to see just what it was like to live there during different periods in its history. Many River Oaks families contributed to the intrigue of this fascinating book with stories and hundreds of photographs of local residents ranging from Mary Thompson to Clark Gable that have never been published before.

Like Ann Dunphy Becker’s book Houston: 1860-1900, Arcadia Publishing has also published the 128 page Houston’s River Oaks (Images of America) by Ann Dunphy Becker with George Murray which is available for $21.99 from Arcadia Press, and fine bookstores everywhere including the River Oaks Bookstore, Becker’s Books and Barnes and Noble.