Monday, November 24, 2014

Montgomery County Historical Marker Program

Example of Montgomery County Historical Marker on Pole
Example of Montgomery County Historical Marker on Building
The Montgomery County Commissioners Court has approved a new Montgomery County Historical Marker Program sponsored by the Montgomery County Historical Commission to recognize historical structures and sites throughout the County and which will commemorate diverse topics of local and regional interest, including: the history and architecture of houses, commercial and public buildings, religious congregations, and military sites; events that changed the course of local and county history; and individuals who have made lasting contributions to our state, county, community organizations, and businesses.

Larry Foerster, chairman of the County Historical Commission, explained that the marker program will complement and supplement the ongoing state historical marker program sponsored by the Texas Historical Commission. This county marker program will feature structures and sites that have historical significance at the local level, but may not otherwise be significant enough to qualify for a Texas historical marker. Foerster went on to explain that presently the Texas Historical Commission staff is overwhelmed with requests for state markers, and it is getting increasingly difficult to get an application approved for a state marker. As a result, more and more Texas counties are developing their own county historical marker programs. Walker County has had such a program for years, and Harris County recently started its own county historical marker program.

The Montgomery County Historical marker will feature the County Historical Commission’s emblem which incorporates the Texas flag on a dark blue background. It will be produced by the Southwell Company in San Antonio, the same company that produces the Texas historical marker along with numerous other county historical markers. Once the application is approved by the County Historical Commission, it is expected that the marker can be produced within four to six weeks after Southwell Company receives the approved order. Prices will start at $515.00 and will vary depending on the requested size and whether a post is requested.

Foerster emphasized that this marker program in not designed to replace the Texas historical marker program. The Montgomery County Historical Commission will continue to encourage applications for state markers when they are historically significant to the State and our region. Furthermore, just like state markers, the applications for the county markers will still require supporting primary and secondary sources to accurately document the historical significance of the topic, and will be critically reviewed by the County Historical Commission.
Any property owner can get more information about the Montgomery County Historical Marker program by going to the Historical Commission’s website at or by contacting marker committee chairperson Sharon Russell at 281-296-0905.

This press release was submitted to the Texas History Page by the Montgomery County Historical Commission, Larry L. Foerster, Chair, 414 West Phillips, Suite 100, Conroe, Texas 77301