Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 Yellow Rose Ball

The Yellow Rose Ball was held April 19, 2011, at the Crystal Ballroom of the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas and was a huge success.  The 2011 Yellow Rose Ball was sponsored by the San Jacinto Chapter, the Sam Houston Chapter, the Lone Star Chapter and the Stephen F. Austin Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.  The 2011 Yellow Rose Ball remembered the 175th anniversary of the Texas Revolution and 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  Below are some of the pictures taken by Dale Williamson.

Yellow Rose Ball Sponsors

General Sam Houston's Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brown
Dr. Lacy Hunt
Ms. Eron Brimberry Tynes
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Green
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lusk
Mr. Dale Williamson

Colonel Sidney Sherman's Second Volunteer Regiment

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. John Meredith

Twin Sisters Cannons

Mr. and Mrs. Dallam Masterson
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fogarty

Colonel Mirabeau Lamar Texas Cavalry

Mr. Al Davis
Mr. David Hanover
Sam Houston Chapter , SRT

Deaf Smith Scouts

Mr. and Mrs. John Homman

Yellow Rose Ball
Honorary Chairs

Mr. Sam Clark, KSJ, President General, SRT
Mr. Sam Houston IV, KSJ, General, Texas Army

Yellow Rose Ball Committee

Mr. Ron Brown, Chair
Mr. Lewis Chandler
Mr. Joe Davidson
Mr. Tom Green
Mr. Tom Houston
Mr. David Mahavier
Mr. Doak McBride
Mr. Wendell A Robbins, Jr.
Mr. Denton Bryant
Mr. Dale Williamson
Mr. Dodd Eastham
Mr. Will Haddock
Mr. Robert Kendall
Mr. David Martin
Mr. Curt Osborne
Mr. Randy Pollard

Special Contributors

Mr. Joe Rosser
Mr. David Mahavier
Mr. Jim Giuffre
Mr. Denton Bryant
Mr. David Martin
Mr. Tom Green
Mr. Joe Parish, President, Capitol Flag Company

In Appreciation

Knights of Dixie Orchestra
Mr. K. R. Woods
The Lancaster Hotel / The Lusk Family

The Yellow Rose Ball
Celebrating 175 Years - The Battle of San Jacinto

Mater of Ceremonies

Mr. Ron Brown,
President San Jacinto Chapter, SRT


Mr. Tom Houston,
Second Vice President General, SRT

Posting of the Colors

The Buffalo Soldiers Color Guard

Pledge to the United States Flag

Mr. John Meredith
President, Lone Star Chapter , SRT

Pledge to the Texas Flag

Mr. Dennis Giuffre
Second Vice President,
Sam Houston Chapter, SRT

"Texas Our Texas"

Mr. Jim Giuffre
Sam Houston Chapter, SRT


Mr. Trey Strake
San Jacinto Historical Advisory Board

Toasts and Tributes

Mr. Charlie Briggs, KSJ
Past President General, SRT

Ms. Eron Brimberry Tynes
San Jacinto Chapter, DRT

Mr. Tom Green, KSJ
San Jacinto Chapter, SRT

The Battle Report

Mr. Sam Clark, KSJ
President General, SRT


Captain James Gray,
Deputy Director
CNO's Executive Panel

Front cover art work by Mr. David Mahavier, Sam Houston Chapter, SRT.  Back cover art work by Mr. David Martin, Lone Star Chapter, SRT.  Back cover art work: Copyright 2010, David Martin.  All rights reserved.

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