Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daughters of the Republic of Texas, "The Vision," Republic of Texas History Complex

By consolidating the activities of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas and The Republic of Texas Museum in one location in downtown Austin adjacent to the historic French Legation Museum, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas will be able to create the Republic of Texas History Complex. The Republic of Texas History Complex will provide a larger, more appropriate setting for exhibitions, educational programs, family gatherings, conferences and public festivals. In this way, the DRT will better serve the State of Texas and visitors seeking to learn about and appreciate the rich and fascinating history of the State of Texas.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas currently provide educational programs on Texas history for children of all ages and other special groups, in a building located in North Austin near the overpass at the intersection of U. S. Highway 183 and Interstate Highway 35. This is also the site of its daily business operations and The Republic of Texas Museum. Originally commercial in nature, the building was not designed as a museum. It is difficult for visitors to locate, and does not have adequate parking for school buses and larger numbers of visitors.

The French Legation grounds on historic Robertson Hill have been managed since 1949 by the Daughters of The Republic of Texas, and as a musem since 1956. The site is centrally located near downtown Austin at 802 San Marcos Street. A new building called the Republic of Texas history Center will be constructed on adjacent property. The Center will house the DRT Business Office and Republic of Texas Museum. It will be designed in keeping with the historic nature of the location. In addition, some existing spaces will be rearranged for improved public access, and more parking will be provided.

The Republic of Texas History Complex will contain new and existing areas:
  • Vistor Center, including a Viewing Theatre
  • Republic of Texas Museum (relocated)
  • French Legation Museum
  • Gift Shop
  • Children's Interactive Museum (relocated)
  • Business Office (relocated)
  • State-of-the-Art Texas Family Research Center
  • Meeting and Conference Accommodations
  • Expanded Parking
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas are rasing money for this project with their program called A Vision for the 21st Century. A Vision for the 21st Century is intended to help The Daughters of the Republic of Texas more effectively achieve their mission which includes the following goals:
  • To perpetuate the memory and spirit of those who achieved and maintained the independence of Texas.
  • To provide educational programs of the highest caliber in close cooperation with school districts, as well as ongoing educational programs for the general public.
  • To encourage research into early Texas records, preserve historic documents, and encourage the publication of historic records.
  • To secure and memorialize historic sites.

You can help. A Vision for the 21st Century's budget is $9.5 million. Of this amount, approximately $1 million will be provided from the sale of the DRT's North Austin building and charitable donations, already made. This leaves $8.5 million to raise to attain their Vision. Included are funds for land acquisition, construction, reprogramming exhibits, and endowment for long-term maintenance. Name recognition will be available for donors of $10,000 and more. For more information, contact Lana Boussidan, DRT Administrator at 512-339-1997.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Campaign

510 East Anderson Lane

Austin, Texas 78752




Shelley said...

Strong women in this state.

Anita C said...

This will be an awesome site for not only DRT but also for school children and the general public. This will help us keep Republic of Texas history alive!
DRT member