Friday, May 07, 2010

On May 6, 2010, the Conroe City Council voted unanimously to release bids for the construction of the Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park.

The Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park has been designed with a number of different elements to celebrate Texas and Montgomery County history. In the center of the park will be a life-sized bronze monument. The bronze monument will represent common man who volunteered to serve in the Texas Revolutionary Army to win and preserve Texas Independence. The bronze statue of the Texas Revolutionary Soldier will be holding the Lone Star Flag on a flag pole. The flag will also be made of bronze. In front of the monument will be a bronze plaque inscribed "The Texian."

Behind the monument, on flag poles, will fly several different flags significant to the Texas Revolution and to Texas as an independent nation. At the base of each flag pole will be a plaque that describes the flag and its place in Texas history.

At the entrance to the park will be a four-sided granite stand with a bronze bust of Charles B. Stewart. A biography of Stewart and directions to Montgomery, Texas where Stewart spent most of his adult life will be inscribed on this monument. Many historians credit Charles B. Stewart with the design of the Lone Star Flag of Texas in 1839 while residing in the Town of Montgomery then the county seat of Montgomery County, Texas.

The stated purpose of the park is to serve as an educational tool for the citizens of Texas, to become a source of local pride and inspiration for Montgomery, County; and to enhance heritage tourism by being a point of destination for the great number of tourists that pass through that area daily.

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