Monday, May 02, 2011

Texas! The Exhibition Continues at Houston Museum of Natural Science

Celebrate the 175th Birthday of the Lone Star State in a wonderfully fun and educational way at Texas! The Exhibition.  The Texas! exhibition at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas which has been an overwhelming success since opening on March 6 continues through September 5, 2011. Crowds for this exhibit have been huge.

There is something for everyone. The history of Texas is presented in one of the finest gatherings of Texas primary historical documents and artifacts ever put on public display in one single place.  The Texas! exhibit presents different aspects of Texas history including:
  • Texas Earliest Inhabitants
  • Early Explorers
  • Spanish, French and Mexican Rule
  • Texas Colonies and Empresario Grants
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Texas Revolution
  • Sam Houston
  • Republic of Texas
  • Texas Rangers
  • Civil War Texas
  • Texas Cowboys and Cattle Drives
  • Texas Oil Boom
There is literally something for everyone. For instance, the exhibit contains the most complete collection of Republic of Texas currency, scrip, notes and bonds ever displayed anywhere. Specimens of the only coins ever minted in Texas [among the rarest coins in the world] are part of the exhibit [See the jola 1/2 real coins minted in San Antonio de Bexar 1817-1818].  The exhibit is very eclectic.  Davy Crockett's fiddle as well as portions of the actual handwritten minutes of the Convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos are also on display, along with art, flags, cannons, saddles, spurs, pistols, religious artifacts, photographs, oil drill bits, etc...

This special exhibition was organized by the Houston Museum of Natural Science with assistance from The Heritage Society in Houston, The San Jacinto Museum of History, The Dallas Historical Society, and The Torch Collection in Houston.

There are many activities associated with Texas! The Exhibition in May, June and July including:
  • Stars Over Texas at the Burke Baker Planetarium
  • Texas, The Big Picture at the IMAX Theatre
  • Behind the Scenes Tours
  • Cultural Feast
  • Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Historical Site Excursions 
If you were born in Texas or got here just as soon as you could, I can't recommend Texas! The Exhibition highly enough. Don't miss it!  Tickets for the Texas! exhibition are $25/adult and $18/child or senior for non-members and $12/adult or child for HMNS members.  For more details, call the Houston Museum of Natural Science at 713-639-4629.  Or, see the Houston Museum of Natural Science web page at .

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