Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confederate Flag Memorial - Texas Division SCV

Honor your ancestor by helping the Texas Division of the SCV construct a Confederate Flag Memorial on Interstate-10. See an artist rendition of the Confederate Flag Memorial in the image above. The land for the new Confederate Flag Memorial is located 5 miles west of the Texas/Louisiana state line on I-10. Your support will enable passengers in over 55,000 cars per day to see Confederate Flags flying proudly in the Texas breeze.
Help the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans make this dream a reality, become a sponsor with your tax deductible donation. Sponsor one of the 20 Memorial Flagpoles available at $1100 each, or one of the 13 State Memorial Columns for $2000 each. Flagpoles and Columns will bear a plaque with an inscription of the donors choice. Or, sponsor a Memorial Brick at $50., $100 or $300; or a Memorial Bench at $800. Memorial Bricks and Benches will be engraved with an inscription of the donor's choice. You can also recieve a "Texas Dvivison Crest" for each $10.00 donation to the Confederate Flag Memorial fund.
Mail checks payable to "Texas Division-SCV," and mail to Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans, c/o Lt. Commander Granvel Block, 1604 Buckingham Dr., Orange, Texas 77632. For more information, contact Granvel Block Lt. Commander of the Texas Division at granvelb@gt.rr.com
or at his cell phone # (409) 779-6657. You can also make a donation online at https://www.bricksrus.com/order/texasdivscv/index.php

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