Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who is Mother Neff and Why is She a State Park?

Review of Who is Mother Neff and Why is She a State Park? by Allan C. Kimball
Review by K. K. Searle

In this book, Allan C. Kimball will tell you who Mother Neff was and how a Texas state park came to be named after her. I will tell you what this book with the unusual title is all about. It is an excellent guide to all the Texas State Parks. Kimball has researched the history for the source of the name of each of the Texas State Parks and consolidated all of them into this handy 266 page paperback book.

Kimball gives an interesting history of how each of the state parks in Texas got its name as well as many entertaining historical anecdotes. But, the book is so much more than a history. The book is also a very good source of information if you are thinking about visiting a particular state park. All the information is here: 1) locations of the parks - with good instructions on how to get there; 2) hours of operation; 3) amenities available in each of the parks such as: camping, fishing boating, hiking, tours, etc.; and 4) contact information so you can get in touch with each of the parks prior to your visit.

Kimball has divided the state parks of Texas into seven regions: Big Bend and West Texas; Gulf Coast; Hill Country, Panhandle Plains; Pineywoods; Prairies and Lakes; and South Texas Plains. If you travel around Texas like we do, you will want to keep the guide handy. As you are traveling through one of these regions, you can read about the different state parks to help you to decide if you would like to visit. Before you arrive, you will know everything there is to know. It is also an excellent tool for planning your Texas vacation next summer.

As soon as I got through reading this book, it went straight into the glove compartment of our family van. This would make a great gift for the Texas outdoors men and women in your family.

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