Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Texas Toasts

"Texas, - May her foes turn pale at her name, and may she flourish until time is no more."

"Soldiers of Texas; - May their "breast works" be honor, and fear always a days "march" behind them."

The following article appeared in the May 9, 1837 edition of the Telegraph and Texas Register newspaper published in Houston, Texas. On April 21, 1837, one year after the Battle of San Jacinto, a celebration was held in Liberty, Texas. I just thought I would share these wonderful patriotic Texian toasts. If you are ever looking for a proper toast to Texas, feel free to use one of these. It is also interesting to see how early Texans celebrated Texas Independence Day.

"At a meeting held at the town of Liberty on the 20th ult., to make arrangements to celebrate the 21st of April, in commemoration of the glorious victory at San Jacinto; Messrs. Luke Bryan, John Booth, Hon. E. T. Branch, Doctor Wm. G. Lewis, K. Bryan, and F. Harden, were appointed managers, and waited upon J. B. Woods, Esq. to request him to deliver an oration on the morning of that day; to which he consented and was appointed orator of the day.

At dawn of the 21st, the citizens and soldiers of the place assembled and fired salutes which were heard for many miles in extent. At an early hour the town was full of life and gaiety, and the presence of many ladies greatly added to the scene. The place of celebration was soon crowded and an appropriate address was delivered by the orator, J. B. Woods, Esq. Immediately after the oration the ladies were conducted to a sumptuous dinner, and then retired to the house to prepare to "trip the light fantastic toe." Many of the victors of San Jacinto and other citizens, to the number of two hundred took possession of a second repast, and after the cloth was removed, William Hardin, Esq. was conducted to the chair as president of the day, and Judge Coit as vice, and the following are the regular toasts drank:-

Regular Toasts
1. The president of the republic of Texas. 3 cheers.

2. The vice president of the republic. 3 cheers.

3. The day we celebrate. 6 cheers.

4. Texas, - May her foes turn pale at her name, and may she flourish until time is no more.
Tune "Hail Columbia."

5. The heroes of San Jacinto; - champions in the struggle for liberty, they justly merit the gratitude of their countrymen.
Tune "When wild war's deadly blast was blown."

6. To the memory of Travis, - drank silent.

7. Army of Mexico, - "What a dust we flees kick up."
Tune "Spider and the fly."

8. Texas Navy; - May she unfurl the banners of victory and ride triumphant o'er the ocean.
Tune "Lashed to the helm."

9. Star of Texas; - A beacon light to the port of liberty.
Tune "Yankee Doodle."

10. Soldiers of Texas; - May their "breast works" be honor, and fear always a days "march" behind them.
Tune "Soldiers bride."

11. Mexican Prisoners; - May they on their return home recollect the "first lesson of Cyrus." "To tell the truth."
Tune, "Dear native home."

12. Our host and hostess.

13. The Fair; - The highest incentive to honor.

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