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March 2, 2008 Lone Star Flag Event in Montgomery, Texas

John Homman, President of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas in Montgomery County provides the following information:

On March 2, 2008 at 10:00 am, the members of Honea Baptist Church are joining with the Montgomery Historical Society and the Sons of the Republic to call attention to, and celebrate, the birth and birthplace of our LONE STAR FLAG OF TEXAS. Our plans are that this is to be the first (1st) annual event to commemorate the flag and our love for this, the greatest state, of mind or place to be living.

We salute the previous, and on-going, efforts of those two (2) groups (listed above) of dedicated volunteers, and their great strides to provide the historical marker located on FM 2854, near Highway 105. Those efforts have gone a long way in the placement of the marker and the flag pole. The flag pole stands without a Lone Star Flag, due to the fact that no lighting has, at this time, been provided. These groups need and deserve support from all Texans to see to it that the flag proudly flies over that marker and in our great county.

That flag was designed right here in the historic Montgomery County by Colonel Charles Bellinger Stewart, who also was the first signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. The Texas flag has been described as the most recognizable flag, second (2nd) only to the flag of the United States of America, all over the world.

Our area is attracting new neighbors every day and we want them to share this heritage and know why Texans are a proud group of people.

Part of our celebration will include a presentation of a replica of that original Lone Star Flag, made by a local Montgomery, Texas artisan, to the Lone Star Elementary School, as part of our efforts to educate the students, friends and parents of our community of the patriotism that acquired and has insured our liberties. State Representative Brandon Crighton has agreed to participate in the celebration and will attend as the presenter of that flag.

There could be no such thing as a celebration of anything in a Texas Baptist Church without eating and this get together comes with the promise of barbecue and all the needed trimmings.

This is your opportunity to show your Texas Spirit…we will salute the flag of our former nation, our State and celebrate our Hope….

March 2, 2008
10:00 AM
Honea Baptist Church
Location: 16430 FM 2854
Montgomery, Texas 77316

Image: Lone Star "© Neonriver |"

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