Thursday, August 31, 2006

Texian Navy Day

Saturday, September 16, 2006, is Texian Navy Day, honoring the contributions of the Texian Navy in helping secure the independence of the Republic of Texas in 1836. Long recognized in an ad hoc manner by Governors and the Texas Legislature, in 2005, the Legislature enacted a law officially establishing the third Saturday of each September as Texian Navy Day, which "shall be observed with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

History has forgotten that the Lone Star of the Republic of Texas shined brightly on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Without the daring and dangerous exploits of the Texian Navy, Mexico easily could have re-supplied their land armies still in Texas in the immediate aftermath of the surrender of Gen. Santa Anna at San Jacinto or mounted a seaborne invasion after the San Jacinto victory. The Texian Navy was able to protect the young republic’s long coastline with its many rivers, bays, and inlets to projecting power beyond its littoral waters to Mexican coastal towns as far away as the Yucat√°n. Ultimately, the Texian Navy was a real balance of power amongst the Navies of the United States, Mexico, and the European powers, all vying for influence in the Gulf of Mexico. The Texians’ courage and striking power were far in excess of that which reasonably could have been expected from such a numerically disadvantaged force, and it was their fighting spirit that made the difference.

Please help recognize this date in history and preserve the memory of the seaborne valor of those who helped create the Lone Star State by flying your Texas flag on this day.

J. Richard Reese, KSJ
President General
The Sons of the Republic of Texas
713 871-0634

David Hanover
Texas Navy Committee Chairman
The Sons of the Republic of Texas
903 509-2206

Photograph: Flag - Texas, © Lonestarlet

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Ahoy and greetings from the Adm. Chester W. Nimitz Squadron, Texas Navy, and the Board of Directors of the Texas Navy Association. Thank you for posting the information about Texian Navy Day on your interesting and informative website.

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Frank R. (Dick) Brown
Admiral, Texas Navy
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